Blog Comments. So what? Who cares?

30 Jan

Many blogs contain a comment section which allows for interaction between the blog author and the readers…

But is the comment section essential to having a successful blog?  I decided to get the opinions of fellow bloggers to gain a better perspective.  While researching I stumbled across two interesting posts on blog comments.

In the first post, Are blog comments necessary for community?, Justin Hitt raised an interesting point in his post.  He said that allowing of comments on blog posts is mostly for the benefit of the writer and not the person commenting.

I agree to a certain extent, but let’s face it without comments bloggers are essentially speaking to an audience and skipping the question and answer session.  Allowing comments engages the audience allowing for in-depth discussions that can offer readers and even the author another perspective.

Andrea F. Hill’s post, Is the Comment Section for You or Your Commenters?, questions the response strategies of blog authors.  Should an author reply to comments immediately or give readers time for interpretation and then reply?

Either method has its advantages and disadvantages and the decision as to which strategy to use is a personal preference.

While I don’t feel that a comment section is an essential part of a blog, I do prefer blogs with a comment sections.  Here are a few tips for writing effective blog comments:

  • Read the blog post.  You’ve probably heard the saying about judging a book by its cover.  The same principle applies to blog posts.
  • Have something to say that contributes intellectually to the conversation.  “Great post!”  Okay, so you think it’s great, but what about it makes the post great?
  • Check your spelling and grammar.  Poor punctuation and spelling hurts your credibility.
  • Be respectful when commenting on some one’s blog.  If you don’t agree with the author lay out they reasons behind your argument in your comment instead of calling them ugly names.

2 Responses to “Blog Comments. So what? Who cares?”

  1. Andrea Hill February 2, 2010 at 12:47 am #

    Thanks for the hat tip!

    I agree that comments can add a different dimension to a topic, but I think too often people get caught up in assuming that “many comments = good (useful) blog)” and that’s not always the case. I’ll admit that sometimes if a post is too long or simply overly detailed, I won’t comment even if the topic is interesting. Getting comments shouldn’t be the sole measure of success.

    • Martine Howell February 3, 2010 at 9:02 am #

      No problem!

      I couldn’t agree with your statement more. Another issue that I’ve noticed is a lot of spam comments are being posted both on personal blogs and on news blogs. I just ran across several comments offering me affordable health insurance moments ago on‘s site. Sigh* I won’t waste my time commenting if a blogger is not checking their site for and deleting spam comments .

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