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3 Feb

Required blog comments for PRCA 3030 & PRCA3330:

1.  Oh, Do I stink? , Meg Tidmore

I love this post Meg and the title is great!  A lot of people don’t think before they bathe in stinky, smelly stuff.  Just because you have on cologne or perfume does not mean that you smell good.  In highschool I really liked the Estée Lauder fragrance ‘Beautiful.’   I would go visit my friend Amy and her dad would say, “You must be wearing ‘stink pretty’.”  Now that I’m a little older and prone to headaches from strong smells I no longer wear ‘stink pretty.’ When I wear smelly stuff I opt for lighter body mists and sprays.  Remember a little goes a long way.

2.  What are we going to do about the BA?, In Over Your Head

I have worked with people who have had a college degree when I didn’t.  Just because you have a piece of paper saying, “You passed a bunch a tests and we have determined that you are smart.  Congratulations!,” it doesn’t mean that you have common sense.

I was looked over for a management position because I lacked the degree the other person had.  This other person had to ask me how to do her job.  She couldn’t even perform the simplest tasks without constant direction.  How could they make her a manager?

When I asked why I was bypassed for the position I was told she received the management job because she had a degree and that shows commitment to finishing tasks.  I had a good laugh when she flaked on them and quit after six months.

3.  divine write, Glenn Murray

I am printing this post right now. Thank you for posting this. I’ve never written a blog before and now I’m keeping up with posts for two of my public relations classes.   I never realized how much work goes into a blog.  I’ve had a difficult time the last few months perfecting my writing skills and trying to become a better communicator. This post is just what I needed! You have given me some great tips on how to better my copy. I know this will come in handy not only for my classes that I blog in, but also for the rest of my classes.

4.  10 MORE Ways To Grow Your Twitter Influence, Matthew Royse

I’m so glad I found this post.  I bookmarked it a few weeks and just referenced it again.  Twitter can be overwhelming especially when you are first starting out.  I’ve only been using the service for a little over a month and a half.  I love Twitter and I am amazed everyday at the amount of new information I am exposed to!  Still I am having a hard time finding my niche.  I’m a public relations student and I follow a lot of public relations professionals.  I’m trying not to tweet and re-tweet ‘old’ information, but it’s hard!  Thanks again for this post and these suggestions! 

5.  That eBook Thing Will Never Catch On, Michael Hyatt

I said that I would NEVER convert to electronic books. Like you say in your post I love the feel of a book. I did not like the idea of having to look at something that is glaring and bulky like a laptop to read a book. Now with the invention of the Kindle I am more open to the idea. The Kindle is small and portable. It seems like it would be a great addition to my reading library. The only complaint I have at this point in time is with the limited number of book titles available for download. When more titles become available I will be more open to buying a Kindle.

6.  One Week of Twitter., Caroline Rawlins

I too prefer Twitter over Facebook.  I created both a Twitter and a Facebook account as part of my own social media experiment and I find that I use Twitter a whole lot more than Facebook.  I log in to TweetDeck several times a day and I might check my Facebook page once a week or so.

I miss several class tweeps that have ‘flown’ from Twitter now that the assignment is over.  I hope they soon realize the value in Twitter.  Sure you can chat with friends on Facebook, but using Twitter you could connect with someone and land a job in another country.  There are so many benefits.  I love Twitter!

7.  Celebrities Should Keep Their Cool, Michelle Vegliante

I don’t know that a letter or any kind of official apology could excuse Mel’s actions in my eyes.  This is not the first angry outburst he has had in public.  I still have a MadTV skit recorded that highlights his anti-Semitic rant he gave a few years ago to a cop after being pulled over. 

The skit is told through the eyes of a child and is animated with crayon drawings depicting Mel’s actions.  He hurled anti-Semitic remarks towards the officer who pulled him over for a suspected D.U.I.  After being taken to the station he called a female cop something like ‘sugar t*ts.’  In the skit the child assumes the female cop had “sugar on her boobies.”

Mel then blames the alcohol.  The whole situation reminded me of the stories I’ve heard where a man gets drunk, beats his wife, and then he blames his actions on the alcohol.  They ‘blame it on the a a a a a alcohol.’  I’ve heard people say, “I only beat her because I was drunk.”

8.  What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You, Erica Campbell

I’d never heard of Kelly Cutrone before I read you post a few days ago.  I think I may go and buy that book now.  As a woman, it’s nice to get another woman’s perspective on how to get ahead in what has been for many years primarily a white man’s world.

Here lately like you said, I have been so focused on hurrying up and getting things done quickly in order to graduate ASAP.  I haven’t been taking the time to actually sit down and learn things in certain classes (particularly Comm. Theories).  I’m hoping that over spring break I will have a chance for some actual learning.  Thanks for reminding me to breathe as well.

No, you got drunk so you could beat her and not feel any remorse while doing it.  You already had the thought in you head.  Alcohol does not turn you into someone who you are not already.  Albeit alcohol does lower you inhibitions, so you may do things that you wouldn’t if you were not drinking, but you have to have the underlying desire to perform the action(s) in the first place.

9.  I feel a little like Curious George…., Lo Woodard

Thanks Lo!  It’s 3 a.m. and now I’m fiddling with making my own kaleidoscope.  As if I didn’t have anything better to do…like sleep.  This program is really cool and this is yet another reason that I have to limit my social media time.

If I didn’t I’d never get off the computer.  So now I’m sitting here wondering if after you make the kaleidoscope could you save it and then link it to your Facebook page.  That could be interesting.  Let me go add some more animated circles in even more colors.  Oh, wait I forgot I’m supposed to be heading to bed.  I guess playing a little longer won’t hurt though. ( =

10.  UnTouched, Kacie Whigham

Ah…Jessica didn’t wear any make-up on the inside of the magazine.  However, I was just watching a discussion of the subject on the Joy Behar Show in which it was revealed that on the cover Jessica DID in fact wear ‘nude’ make-up.  Nude or not make-up is make-up and the cover is very misleading about the truth contained inside the pages. 

The inside picture of Jessica au naturale is a very different pic from the one that appears on the cover of the magazine.  PR stunts such as this continue to give young girls an altered, unhealthy perception of real beauty.  Even Jessica Simpson has her ‘bad’ beauty days.  (Ha, an infomercial just came on and Cindy Crawford is taking off all of her makeup.  Guess everyone is doing it!)

11. One Billion Online Views, Kristina Bundy

I agree social media is the largest tool currently being used that can make or break a star.  I love that Lady Gaga is part of the Billion-Views Club.   After I heard the news I checked YouTube and watched a couple of the videos time and time again. 

Then out of curiosity I checked for other Gaga video copies.  I noticed something; the views received by bootlegged or non-official videos are something that isn’t included in the count.  If the bootlegs were included in the tally the number for Gaga’s views would be way more than one billion.  Keep it up Gaga!!!

12.  TOW 13: Viral Video Fun, Maranda Butler

Ha, Ha.  My little boy ‘B’ (don’t want to use his real name for internet privacy reasons) loves the song pants on the ground.  Justin Beiber does nothing for ‘B; on a musical level.  I would have thought that being so young, 5-years-old, that ‘B’ would be infatuated with Justin and even Taylor Swift.  I have to say that I am proud of his mature musical taste at such a young age.  He actually prefers Rock-N-Roll songs like ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen, ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga, and even a little rap like ‘Crank Dat’ by Soulja Boy.

‘B’ has his own kiddie mp3 player and you would thing he would want to listen to his Kids Bop songs.  Nope he insists on singing ‘Pants on the Ground’ almost every day.  He even makes up his own versions of the song.  He really wants to make up a routine, have me record him, and put him on what he calls T.V.   Guess I’ll have to go out and buy a new camera as my camcorder recently broke.  Who cares if it goes viral?  I just want to make my little man happy.

13.  PRCA 3030: No More Scantily Clad Britney Spears During the Super Bowl?, Kelsey Hendrix

The lack of scantily clad Britney has been the least of my worries about the entertainment value of the super bowl as of late.  I think Pepsi was absolutely smart for not backing such a closed minded organization like the super bowl which for some reason was seriously thinking at one time of having Peter, Paul, and Mary sing ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ during half-time.

I think that it is terrible that the SB commercials are more entertaining than its half-time show. The best performance I have ever seen during Super bowl half-time consisted of Kid Rock, Nelly, P. Diddy, Justin Timberlake, and Janet Jackson.  There again a booby popped out, but I have to wonder if the promoters even listened to the lyrics before putting the performers on screen: “I’m gonna have you naked by the end of this song.”

14.  Movies Based on Books… Yeah right.carriebethabramson

It is always disappointing when you walk into a move expecting one thing and the complete opposite happens.  I remember when the book ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ was also “adapted” for film.  Some of the best scenes in the book were eliminated or like you said rewritten.  Most of the books that are made into film are already written by accomplished authors who know how to tell a story.  When Hollywood writers get rights to the book they completely butcher the story.  Why don’t producers pay the book author to write a movie script that is more authentic to the story told in the book?  Most of loyal book reading fans would appreciate the “adapted” movies a whole lot more if Hollywood let the authors do the writing.

15. PRNewswire is now an App!, Michelle Blubaugh

OMG, I am so going to the iTunes store and downloading this app. I have been having a hard time juggling social media along with school and everyday life this semester. This seems like a really cool app to become familiar with before jumping into the PR profession. Anything that will make my life and job easier I am all for. I will have to let you know what I think about it after I’ve had the chance to play with it for a bit. I can’t wait to see the video quality and the type of information that is available through this app.

16. PR Connections – Social Media vs. Traditional Media, Lisa McLaughlin

I can see the day when social media replaces traditional media outlets.  Right now I am contemplating cancelling my cable television service subscription.  Most of the shows that I like to watch have been cancelled or the ones still on air can be viewed online.  I recently bought a touch screen desktop computer which I have thought of mounting and using like a television.  Heck the screen is large enough.  Then using a portable keyboard and mouse while in bed I can surf the web, watch ‘The Young and the Restless’ online, and then listen to some music while I fall asleep. 

Additionally, with Twitter you really don’t need to watch traditional news shows on television.  Information spreads like wild fire and most Twitter users find out news first.  I think we will still need journalists and news reporters, but I do believe the way people receive the news will continue to evolve and change with the development of social media.

17. PR Connections #11, Rebecca Candler

What I don’t understand is how Krystal’s is getting away with misappropriation of personality with their commercials as of late.  It is blatantly obvious that Krystal’s is using well known look alike spokes people depicting McDonalds, Burger King, Chic-Fil-A, and now Wendy’s to promote Krystal’s products.  There is no mistaking the well known icons associated with these franchises and Krystal’s doesn’t even change the colors of the outfits the copycats wear to even have an argument against misappropriation.  It almost makes me wonder if the other companies allow Krystal’s to use the likenesses for the free publicity.  I like you wonder how they are getting away with it.

18. The Big Shockers in Advertising: Part #2, Ashley London

Being the mother of a 5-year-old child I have absolutely no problem with the advertisements (ever seen the Power Puff Girls, they are some mean B*tches).  Domestic violence is a reality in today’s society and often children are the unwilling innocent victims.  I have heard ‘older’ people say that “things like that didn’t happen back then”, but the truth is people just didn’t talk about it and they swept it under the carpet.

As a parent I have never felt the need to lie to my son about the horrors which occur in the real world.  Albeit there is a way to explain to a child the circumstances which possibly caused the baby rattle to have become bloody.  You would talk to a 3-year-old differently than you would a 12-year-old on this subject matter.  Children are more intelligent than most adults give them credit for and they comprehend things on both an intellectual and emotional level.

Seeing as how most of my son’s day is spent in school, I also believe the school should provide children safety information and offer services to students who are in violent situations.  These programs need to reassure all children that it is ok to ask your teacher for help and teachers need to be trained to recognize the warning sign.  The biggest skill teachers need to be trained in is showing empathy as kids are very perceptive and they know when people really care and when someone is faking it.  I know teachers have a lot on their plates, but image how guilty you would feel if you could have saved a child’s life and chose to do nothing.

My senior year Lauren Ringwall, former Choral Director at South Effingham High School, noticed that one of her student was extremely emaciated, gaunt, and looked to be on the verge of collapsing.  I was asked to do some sleuthing upon request of my teacher and I found out that the girl was bulimic.  I immediately told my teacher and my teacher called the girl’s parents.  What was so horrifying was that the parents didn’t want to hear any of it.  According to the school principal nothing else could be done about the situation.

Things in society really need to change to protect our children and families from the necessity of being exposed to the actualities of the world in which we live.  And if parents don’t like their children learning from billboards then the parents need to take the responsibility of educating their children that life isn’t always “hearts and flowers.”  Only when the violence fades will the need for such advertisements disappear.

19. Stereotyping in Advertising: By Race, Ashley London

I have to say that I honestly think that stereo typing won’t come to an end until we as a society begin using non-labeled advertising.  There was a parody on MAD T.V. referencing a commercial from a fake restaurant ‘Down Home Pancakes’.  The commercial that was marketed to white people said: “Feeling hungry?…we’ve got berries…and homemade syrup.”  The ‘BET’ ad said: “What up B*tch? We got all sorts of crazy a$$ pancakes up in this B*ich.”  The Univision Spanish channel version:”They got all kinds of stuff in this pancake place esse. (2nd guy) Cool man! Do they got jobs for us?” Finally, during the ‘Godzilla’ marathon the following ran: (Asian man’s voice) It pancake. (female voice) Ooh! Pancake. hehe…Explosion in your mouth! pow pow! hehe” All stereotyped commercials.  Here is a link to the clip:

20.  #HAPPO (help a PR pro out, NataliaDaies

I love #HAPPO!  I remember the last #HAPPO event which occurred in February and all of the wonderful connections that were made between those employers looking for employees and those potential employees looking for a job.  Several of my ‘Tweeps’ even found jobs during the last #HAPPO.  Many students still don’t see the value in using Twitter, but I think if they knew more about the job opportunities and even internship opportunities that can be found using Twitter more students would jump on board.  Hmmm…Now you’ve got me thinking.  This would be a wonderful topic for one of my upcoming podcasts!

21. Sin Tax on Sodas??, Walker, Marie

I think that it’s terrible that the government wants to take away every little thing the poor man has.  Most people who drink sodas and smoke cigarettes (a sin tax has already been passed on cigarettes in a few states) usually come from lower economic standings.  The government created a monster when it allowed food manufacturers to substitute high-fructose corn syrup for real sugar.  Every time Pepsi Co. releases the Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwbacks I buy them.  At first the soda almost tastes like a diet soda because the syrup is gone and the drink is not as thick because syrup is missing, but they are really good with a stronger flavor.  I now prefer the real sugar sodas over the ones that have syrup any day.  Furthermore, I think that if the government is going to tax sugary drinks then they need to tax sugary foods as well.  That not only includes candies, cookies, and cakes.  I am also suggesting the government tax T.V. dinners and other prepackaged foods that contain high levels of sugar.  Heck and while they are at it the government can mandate that all grocery stores weigh customers before they can buy groceries.  That way they can curb obesity once and for all!

22. Social Bookmarking, Haley J. Higgs

Ack… Another social media outlet for me to try.  I am so overwhelmed already with the plethora of apps and programs available to keep people connected. I am amazed every day at how far technology has come. I remember watching ‘Designing Women’ many years ago and Jean Smart’s character just couldn’t figure out how radio waves made it from the station, through the air, and to the radio.  Social media amazes me every day. I still have a whole lot to learn and although I am a bit frayed at the edged I love social media.  I don’t know where we would be without it.

23. INTRODUCING… the IPAD, Stratton, Mackenzie

I so thought about getting an iPad!  After I looked up the additional cost for a larger hard drive and the cost of the additional accessories that I wanted the total was over $800.  It still looks to me like an over sized iPod touch with a few extras.  I have a HP-mini laptop that I take when I travel and I use that when I write.  Plus, $800 is quite a lot of money for something so small. I guess the iPad is portable and convenient, but the price will have to come down drastically before I buy one.

24. 3 Steps to get your blog, READ!, Stratton, Mackenzie

These are some really great ideas Mackenzie.  Although time is winding down on our assigned blogs I am going to put these ideas to use on my next blog.  Yep, I am planning on creating another blog soon using my own domain and try out  I’m still getting used to blogging and trying to find my niche.  I enjoy writing about public relations, but there are so many other topic that I enjoy. I’m usually good at making decisions and I’m really great at advising others, Why are things always harder when you’re the one making the decision?

25. Wedding Dresses, Brittany Maree

Brittany I know that Kacie Whigham who is also in our class works with Morgan-Gallo a wedding planning company.  I would think that she might be able to point you in the right direction. Most students don’t like using Twitter and they prefer to use Facebook, but I wouldn’t have known about her working at Morgan-Gallo except that Kacie has been tweeting and promoting her new work account.  I think more students should make the transition to Twitter it’s amazing what they would learn.  Contact Kacie on Twitter: @MGEventsKacie (Great job at using Twitter Kacie!) or on Word Press:

26. More FREE Rice Please, Graves, Tashe

Wow. That sounds like a wonderful site. I had heard of sites such as the one you mentioned, but I was always skeptical as to if the sites did as they said and actually donated the promised items.  I will certainly check this site out. I’m also planning on buying a ‘Loads of Hope’ shirt form Tide.  Tide will match the price you pay for the shirt and then they send all proceeds to aid Haiti.  It’s always nice to see large corporations give back when they have the money to do so and most of them have the money to do just that.  Sadly many companies still choose not to help.

27. TOW- twitter # 7, Wilkinson, Sharita

I really wish Facebook and Twitter would partner in a way that would benefit users in both personal and business relationships.  Facebook is a great tool to use for communicating with friends and for sharing personal information like pictures and videos.  Twitter is really great to use for networking with other PR students and professionals as long as you follow the right ones (several PR pros only tweet about themselves all the time and won’t respond back to you if you message them).  If Facebook and Twitter were combined that to me would be an almost perfect social media platform.

28. “My Black is Beautiful”, Stewart, Jasmine

I had never heard of this show until I read your post. I think that this is such a wonderful show and it is about time that black women have a show dedicated just to them and to issues that pertain to them. Too many of the makeup and makeover shows currently on television feature white women. I would also be interested in watching the show just to see the tip and tricks that are shown. You never know what you might learn. I can remember being confused in elementary school when talking with my black girl friends about our hair. How could perming my hair make it curly and when they perm their hair it straightens it? It’s funny how things work.

29. Tina Fey Has “Bieber Fever”, Long, Megan

This skit actually creeped me out a bit. I thought it was sick. There are teachers that really look at children in a sexual way and they take it much farther than just fantasizing about the child. During my senior year in high school a scandal broke out when one of the cheerleaders had a sexual relationship with one of the married baseball coaches. Then it turns out that the band director was having a sexual relationship with a student that he had taught since the girl was in the 6th grade. Usually Tina Fey is spot on, but again that particular skit was disturbing to me. (What creeped me out even more was the skit she did with the guy made out of brownie mix…she rips it’s chin off and stuff oozes out!)

30. Week 3 TOW…..Comments and Feedback!, Robinson, Hillary

I think that it is nice to have that banter back and forth with another person on different subject matters.  But if you don’t happen to gain a large blog following I think it is still a good idea to keep blogging.  Blogging for me is kind of like keeping an electronic journal. I think it is interesting to go back and read posts you have written previously to see if your perspective has changed in any way and that way you can reflect on your thoughts and feelings.  I think it’s a great way to visually see how you have grown as a writer.

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