Poynter’s News University. Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More

6 Feb

This week in my public relations writing class I took part in an online learning class, Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More, on Poynter’s News University’s site.  A lot of my friends cringe when they hear the words “grammar” and “style,” but I was looking forward to taking the course because I’m always looking to improve my writing skills.

Overall, the course was put together well and it included a lot of useful information.  I really liked that at the end of each learning section I was given a short review quiz.  The downside…I couldn’t figure out the answer on one particular item and there wasn’t an option given to reveal the correct answer.  I spent 30 minutes correcting the sentence over and over again.  Becoming frustrated I just gave up and closed the program for a while.

I logged back into the course and again worked my way through each section until I reached the final quiz at the end of the course.  I tried taking the quiz numerous times.  At first I had problems understanding the layout and how to save my answer and progress through the quiz.  Once I finally figured out how to view the next question my previous answers vanished when I went to review them before submitting my quiz.  So, once again I gave up on the course for a few days.  I was finally able to complete the quiz two days later.

Although I had the problems that I did, I learned a lot from the course and it was a nice refresher on things that I already remembered.  I also learned that I do not like the layout of News University’s courses and I don’t find them to be very user-friendly.  I for one would like an option added that would allow me to see the correct answer for the review questions found within the course.  I think next time I will make sure to clear any cookies on my computer to make sure that they aren’t effecting the way the course is running.

Even though I find the information to be extremely useful I am a bit hesitant about taking any more courses on the site .  I hope that in the future News University will change their layout and make their course programs a little more user-friendly.

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