3030:Reading Notes Week of Feb. 1

6 Feb

Reading Notes for this week come from Chapters 5-9 of Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff’s:

Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies

Chapter 5

  • Your brand IS what your customers say it is!
  • Listening a.k.a. Marketing Research

Chapter 6

Talking with the Groundswell

  1. Post a viral video
  2. Engage in social networks and user-generated sites
  3. Join the Blogosphere
  4. Create a community

Chapter 7

Energizing thru word of mouth  *people believe other people more than media*

  • It’s believeable
  • It’s self-reinforcing
  • It’s self-spreading

Energising Techniques

  1. Gain insight on customer’s enthusiasm with ratings and reviews.
  2. Create a community to energize your customers.
  3. Participate in and energize online communities of your brand enthusiasts.

Chapter 8

Practical tips for getting started with a community:

  • Start small, but plan for the growth
  • Reach out to your most active customers
  • Plan to ‘drive’ traffic to your community
  • Build a reputation system
  • Let your customers lead you

Chapter 9

  • Embracing the groundswell
  • Embrace your customers
    • Ask them for ideas and listen
  • Humility and creativity can coexist in any business

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