Search Engine Visibility

7 Feb

This week for PRCA 3030 we were required to read Search Engine Visibility an Edelman Digital Position Paper

After reading the Edelman paper I learned that there are two primary visibility tactics that websites can use:

  • Paid Search or search engine marketing
    • Small text ads which are triggered when certain keywords are searched
  • Optimized search or SEO
    • Sites are setup or designed such a way as to rank towards to top on high-value keywords

Additionally, there are two search engine visibility disciplines that are currently emerging:

  • Reputational Search
  • Social Search

According to the authors, “Search without question is the most dominant online activity.  There is no greater influence on purchasing decisions and corporate and brand reputation than the links that Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and others list on their first page of search results.”  I never realized how important search results are to helping decide the success or failure of businesses online.

Another thing I learned is it is important to network, network, network!  Get well-known people and sites talking about your information and you are almost guaranteed a higher ranking on Google searches, because some of higher ranking site’s “Google Juice” rubs on to your site.

There are five steps to become more visible online.  They are:

  1. Research
  2. Teamwork
  3. Planning
  4. Experimentation
  5. Benevolence

To be honest…I still am not sure exactly how to use search engine visiblity to my advantage.  It is definitely something that I will look into so that I will be successful when using search engine visibility for my public relations clients in the future.

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