LinkedIn: To What?

13 Feb

A few weeks ago I began my journey into media wonderland.  Since then I’ve noticed a lot of talk about a networking service called LinkedIn.  I am constantly hearing how important it is for soon to be graduates to create an account…Just what am I LinkedIn to?

Not knowing anything about LinkedIn I decided to create an account to see what the site it all about.  The site is billed as a place where people can reconnect, power their career, and get answers. 

All that sounds great, but how easy is LinkedIn to use and navigate?  It took me just a few minutes and I created a basic account. 

You can easily find possible contacts on LinkedIn by searching and importing your email contact list.  After importing your contact list you can then select and de-select people who you would like to add to your LinkedIn network. 

Contacts who are already on the LinkedIn network will be sent an email request asking their permission for you to join their network.  Additionally, you can choose to send invitations to contacts who are not in the LinkedIn network asking them to join.  That was easy.

A free account allows the user a limited number of connections.  I think it is about 50 or so.  To send an InMail to a user that you are not connected with you must sign up for a paid account.  The rates and services provided are as follows:


$24.95 per month

3 Messages per month

300 Profiles per search

NEW Organize Profiles with notes and 5 folders

Business Plus

$49.95 per month

10 Messages per month ($100 value)

500 Profiles per search

NEWOrganize Profiles with notes and 25 folders


$499.95 per month

50 Messages per month

700 Profiles per search

NEWOrganize Profiles with notes and 25 folders

I will have to find out a little more about using LinkedIn before I sign up for a paid account.  Do you have a LinkedIn account and how has it worked for you?

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