Happy Birthday Adobe Photoshop!

15 Feb

Saw on Twitter that it is Adobe Photoshop’s 20 year anniversary:  dbreakenridge – Happy Birthday Photoshop! Turns 20 today…just heard that on Fox News. 8:36 AM Feb 14th from TweetDeck

I was shocked!  I had never used Photoshop® for any of my photo editing needs.  I decided to download the free trial of the program and see what the program could do for me.

I downloaded Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 8 on Sunday and began to practice on a few stock images that I was planning to use in my blog posts.  I really like the program; so much that I am planning on purchasing it to use for all my photo editing projects.  When users open the trial version of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 8 they are greeted with a screen that provides two options:

  1. I’m new to Photoshop Elements: Show me what I need to know.
  2. I have an earlier version of Photoshop Elements: Show me what’s new and cool.

Being new to Photoshop® I selected the first option which took me to a tour of available features.  Users can do the following:

  • Organize photos by type of shot.  Face close-ups, group shots, etc.
  • Enhance photo color and clarity
  • Merge several photos for the ‘perfect’ shot
  • Create a calendar, greeting card, scrap-book, and more all with your own photos
  • Share your photos and videos with family and friends online

I’ve found it very easy to use the last two days that I’ve worked with the program.  I’ve made a few mistakes, but using the undo tool I’ve quickly fixed any and all mistakes I have made.  The best advice I can offer new users is to make a copy of a photo that you would like to edit to prevent you from accidentally saving the edited version over the original.  Photoshop tries to prevent this from happening, but I would rather be on the extra safe side.  Then just play around choosing the different effect and tools available to see what works for your project.

For more advanced editing tutorials visit creativeNERDS site.  There are 100 Photoshop and Illustrator video tutorials available for the beginners.  *Note-Photoshop videos are listed after Illustrator videos.

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Adobe Photoshop!”

  1. Natalia February 16, 2010 at 2:36 pm #

    Hi Martine,

    I absolutely love all Adobe editing software. I think Photoshop has to be one of the best if not the best photo editing program offered to consumers. I have a minor in Graphic Communications Management so I have been given the opportunity to really learn all of the features of the design and editing software. You should think about registering for one of the GCM classes like Graphic Communications Technology or Desktop Publishing. Both courses are really helpful and can help you with some of the things required for a public relations.

    • Martine Howell February 18, 2010 at 6:49 pm #

      Hey Natalia. Maybe you could give me a few pointers. I’m going to sit down this weekend and ‘play’ with Photoshop just to see what everything does. I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed as of late with all the new software I’m learning to use.


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