Is It Worthy?

20 Feb

This week in PRCA 3330 I was asked to read a chapter which discussed the ins and outs of what makes something newsworthy.  I had never really thought about the subject.  What makes many us turn on the news every morning and watch sometimes for hours?

First of all, there are the obvious elements:

  • Timing- News should be ‘new.’
  • Significance- Does is affect a lot of people or only a handful?
  • Proximity- Geographic closeness and closeness to the subject mater.
  • Prominence- Well know people/events get more coverage.
  • Human Interest- Emotional appeals.
  • These things tells us that elements of what makes a story newsworthy.  Yet what some people may find newsworthy others do not.  For example: Tiger Woods car accident and numerous affairs.

    There is nothing about this story that interests me.  It’s not because I’m a woman and I hate golf.  On the contrary, I enjoy watching golf and going golfing; I even have my own hot pink breast cancer awareness golf clubs. It’s just that I don’t find anything newsworthy about a celebrity cheating on their spouse.  People cheat all the time.  If I want to hear cheating drama I turn on Maury.

    I shouldn’t be forced to watch hours upon hours of Tiger Woods “news.”  Well known former prosecutor Nancy Grace has Tiger all over her nightly show even with the many missing children which are in the news presently.  Nancy Grace is one of the few victims advocates on television, but she chooses to show this crap instead!?!

    I don’t think that I will ever understand why people watch some news and find it newsworthy when clearly it is rubbish. I guess you can’t please everyone.

    3 Responses to “Is It Worthy?”

    1. sharita wilkinson March 3, 2010 at 10:30 pm #

      I hate hearing about Tiger on every news station possible. This is annoying knowing that there is tons of important news that needs to be told that effects regular Americans. Nancy Grace is annoying anyway and I do not see why she has a show, its the same thing everyday for months. I do not see much diversity on her show for missing children either. I like hearing about this crap on gossip sites not as breaking news. This is the same crap that happen with Micheal jackson and Paris Hilton, the news went crazy. But they keep doing this crap because people watch it. However, when will they take responsbility in not reporting this stuff 22 hours of a 24 hour day?!

      • Martine Howell March 4, 2010 at 8:58 am #

        I agree with the repetitiveness of Nancy Grace. I think she is a great victim’s advocate when she is focused on things other than celebrity gossip. BUT she can be annoying at times and she jumps the gun a lot. Still, she does bring to light victim news cases that local and national news stations don’t cover.

        I’m still trying to figure out why Nancy is still covering Tiger Woods unless she is planning on going after his wife Elin. Sure he cheated (could make for a possible case of attempted homicide; who knows what he was bringing home to Elin sleeping with ALL those women and then with her), but Elin did allegedly attack him with a golf club and allegedly bashed the windows out on his SUV.

        Additionally, please shut the mistresses up. I mean who cares and who are they anyway except home wreckers becoming famous for sleeping with a married man. They can play dumb, but if anyone of them had at least one functioning brain cell they would have went to the library, searched ‘Tiger Woods’, and pulled information telling them that he is married. Things won’t change until people stop watching and buying tabloid crap!

        After the paparazzi chased down and killed Princess Diana I stopped buying tabloid magazines altogether and to this day I change the channel when ET! or Access Hollywood comes on; it made me sick on my stomach to know that two boys would grow up without their mother all because we (society) wanted a picture of Diana with her new boyfriend. It still sickens me to this day, but often people can’t empathize unless they are directly affected by the event.

        And why aren’t the paparazzi arrested for stalking? Climbing over someone’s wall into their yard to take pictures is trespassing. The magazines that publish such pictures should be punished as well for being an accessory after the fact. If you are party to a crime you should be treated as such and should have to pay in monetary damages after publishing the incriminating evidence. I know George Clooney would back me up on this, heck the paparazzi chased him and his girlfriend down while they were out riding his motorcycle.

        You couldn’t pay me to be famous. If ya’ll think that Britney was crazy bad with an umbrella I can assure you that you don’t want to see me with the paparazzi. Mace, taser, or car? Take your pick or have some respect. (=

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