LEAD With the Right Foot

8 Mar

This week in PRCA 3330 I was instructed to work my way through Poynter News University’s LEAD Lab.  Needless to say, after my last experience with Poynter News I was not looking forward to jumping down the same “rabbit hole” again.

This week’s LEAD Lab focused on making your news leads the best they can be.  While the information found in the course my be educational to those student who have not taken Introduction to Journalism or News Reporting and Writing I found it to be redundant and a waste of my time (No offense Professor Nixon!).

For starters, I don’t like the layout of the Poynter’s site.  The setup of the pages and navigation buttons of the courses that I have taken thus far have been horrendously setup.  I am often confused about where I am supposed to click in the module and I find myself often having to go back several times with in the same course in search of interactive items I have missed. 

As I began the module I first clicked on the “Chip Talks Leads” section which I am assuming was supposed to be some what interactive.  The section would never load for me to find out what Chip had to talk about so I was forced to move on to the next section.  (Update: I have checked up on Chip, yet again, and he is still silent. * 04/06/10)

Additionally, when I heard the module was titled LEAD Lab I expected a little more interaction within the course.  Something about hearing the word ‘lab’ in the title of the module evoked memories of my being in highschool chemistry class.  I enjoyed going to chemistry lab because I always found it easier to learn thing by taking a hands on approach. 

Nothing about the course is what I would call interactive.  At best the LEAD Lab is essentially the same information that one would find in bulleted points or paragraphs after performing a Google search.  Poynter’s has presented their users the same old information, at least I didn’t learn any thing new, in new spruced up packaging. 

Furthermore, Poynter’s has broken down the same old information in to even tinier bits of information, added graphics, and other linking buttons to make the course seem to be something it is not.  It would have taken less time and effort if I had been presented the information found within the LEAD Lab in paragraph form over having to take the ‘interactive’ Poynter’s course.

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