3330:Reading Notes Week of Mar. 22

27 Mar

Reading Notes for this week come from Chapter 7 of Dennis L. Wilcox’s:

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (5th Edition)

Photos and Graphics

Elements of A Good Publicity Photo

  • Quality
    • Use digital camera
    • 72 dpi (dots per inch) – Websites
    • 150-200 dpi – Newspapers
    • 300 dpi – Magazines
  • Subject Matter
    • Static photos of products
    • Documenting a ground breaking
    • ‘Grip and Grin’ pic of a person receiving an award
    • Group shots

  • Composition
    • Tight shot with minimal background interference
    • Focus on details not a whole scene
    • Frame the picture
    • Avoid ‘wasted space’ in the shot by removing large gaps between objects
    • Ask subjects to remove sunglasses if applicable
  • Action
    • Important because it catches the reader’s eye
  • Scale
    • Show things in relation to another object to show scale or size relation
  • Camera Angle
    • Commonly used angles
      • shooting an object upward such as a tall building to make it appear even taller
      • aerial shot giving an otherwise unnoticeable view
      • 180-degree shot captured with a fish-eye lens shot

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