3330:Reading Notes Week of Mar. 29

3 Apr

Reading Notes for this week come from Chapter 7 of Dennis L. Wilcox’s:

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (5th Edition)

Radio, Television, and Webcasting


  • Radio News Releases 
    • Format
      • Written in all CAPS in a double-spaced format
      • Provide the length of the release
      • Use a conversational style instead of correct grammar
  • Audio News Releases (ANR)
    • Format
      • Preferred length one minute
      • Send script along with a sound tape
    • Production
      • Use first-class equipment and skilled personnel 
    • Delivery
      • Phone in actualities
      • Via satellite or World Wide Web
  • Public Service Announcements (PSA)
    • Unpaid announce which promotes government programs or public interest agencies
      • Format
        • 60, 30, 15, or 10 seconds long
        • Submit several PSAs on the same subject of varying lengths


  • General manager – comparable to the publisher
  • Program director – decides which programs to produce and air
  • Directors and producers – moderate interviews and talk show of t.v. stations
  • News director – manages entire operation of gathering and producing the newscasts
  • Assignment editor – delegates assignments to reporters and camera technicians
  • Reporters – people who write and report the news
  • Public affairs or public service director – stations public relations representative
  • Promotion director – promotes the station through contests and events

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