What makes a video go viral?

8 Apr

My PRCA 3030 professor asked us in class this week: What makes videos like ‘David after (the) Dentist’ go viral?  After much thought I reached one conclusion…there is no one reason.

Upon reading my assignment I happily went to YouTube and began searching for videos that have gone viral.  I watched several home produced videos and even a few Saturday Night Live shorts to uncover why such videos go viral and others that are as entertaining are hardly viewed.

I like many others found ‘David after the Dentist’ very entertaining.  I loved when David asked, “Is this real life?”  The most entertaining facet of the video, besides the fact that David is ‘buzzed’ to say the least and he has a promising career as a stand up comedian when he is older, is the innocence in little David’s questions .

“I feel funny. Why is this happening to me?”

Yet, SNL has had success with shorts such as ‘C*ck in a Box’ which features Justin Timberlake and Andy Samburg and ‘I’m on a Boat’ by featuring T-Payne.  Both of the afore mentioned videos were produced by a studio and many viewers at home have responded by creating their own user-generated videos parodying the skits.

What do these videos have in common with one another?  Besides that they are highly entertaining, there is nothing common among them.  I believe the clips that have gone viral thus far have filled a certain void in entertainment and that the clips happened to come out in an opportune time.  In entertainment they say timing is everything and I’d say timing certainly helped these viral videos.

The second element in the videos which help them go viral is the content.  Either it is relatable because you have had a similar experience like David’s trip to the dentist, or you may say to yourself…Whay didn’t I think of that?  I mean really.  ‘I’m on a boat’, anyone could have written it.  Even ‘C*ck in a Box’ has similarities to the group Color Me Badd and it takes me back to the 90’s every time I watch the clip.  You be the judge:

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