3330:Reading Notes Week of Apr. 5

10 Apr

Reading Notes for this week come from Chapter’s 10 & 11 of Dennis L. Wilcox’s:

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (5th Edition)

Distribution: Snail Mail to the Internet

Finding the Media

  • Media Directory
    • names of publications/broadcast stations
    • mailing/shipping/email addresses
    • telephone/fax numbers
    • names of key editors/reporters
  • Editorial Calendars
  • Tip Sheets

Working with the Media

Areas of Friction

  • Hype and Other Irritations – Major complaints from journalists: 
  1. Too many unsolicitated emails, faxes, phone calls, etc
  2. PR representative doesn’t know the product or service
  3. ‘Harassing’ phone calls and follow-ups
  4. Spokes person unavailable
  5. PR representative doesn’t meet production deadline 
  • Using gimicks to sell a story
  • Name Calling
  • Sloppy/Biased Reporting
  • Tabloid Journalism
  • Advertising Influence
    • Influencing News Content
    • Buying Product Reviews

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