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17 Apr

This weeks blog post was written by a classmate and friend of mine Meg Tidmore.  She is a senior at GSU and will be graduating this May.  Congratulations Meg!!!

Oh, Do I stink?, by Meg Tidmore

We are about to graduate college and head out into the “real world” and for most of us that means TONS of job interviews in order to find our dream job. In classes we learn what to say on an interview, or what to wear and how to act, but the focus is on the verbal, but what about the rest?

Yes, we all know to dress professional. It has been my personal experience that if you are a tall female, it is a good idea to wear short heals or flats. If you are taller than the interviewee, there might be a sense of intimidation and you don’t want to intimidate anyone. Skirts are fine if they are to your knee or just below, but everyone looks good in a nice pair of black pants. I have also been told that the key to a perfect interview outfit is a blazer, true or not, it is always good to have a nice jacked and your shoulders covered. You don’t want to show to much skin, keep it professional. Also, don’t over do it on the makeup, you are going for an interview not a night on the town. Its okay to make your outfit yours, just don’t go over board or crazy.

Another important thing is the way you smell. Yes, as obvious as it is to shower before an interview you also have to remember that not everyone will like your body spray. Some people might even be allergic to it. So it is important to try to wear as little frequencies as possible. You don’t want to overpower anyone’s nostrils. And if you are a sweater, and you don’t want those embarrassing pit stains, try not to wear anything tight on the armpits and use baby power over your deodorant or anywhere else that might get sweaty.

Body language is also important in an interview. Eye contact is important, don’t stare anyone down, but keep eye contact when they are talking so they know you are listening and stay attentive. I have personal experience getting a job purely on the fact that I kept eye contact and that made the employer “feel important” (his words not mine). Also try not to fidget, it may be hard for some but fidgeting is a sign of nervousness, and in an interview you want to be seen as confident. Also try to sit up straight, for girls that are well endowed, try not to stick out your “gifts,” you want to keep the attention on your skills and knowledge, not your body. Smiling is another good tool to use. Don’t have a crazy smile just, a nice simple one so that the interview stays light and positive.

After the interview always remember to say thank you and shake the interviewers hand. Have a strong hand shake, not so much that it hurts, but not light enough that your hand feel limp.

The main thing is to stay confident in yourself and your knowledge of your craft. If you believe in yourself, you can make anyone else believe in you too, and the employer will know that that confidence and professionalism will reflect in the work you will do for their company.

I hope these tips help you with your next interview. Until next time. PEACE

2 Responses to “Be My Guest!”

  1. michellev21 April 25, 2010 at 11:01 am #

    Meg made some excellent suggestions about interviewing! Working at the CRI, we have recently had to interview students for our Spring Job Fair. As an interviewer, I encountered alot of the same thing Meg discussed, such a fidgeting. One thing that went along with nervousness is nervous laughter, which I heard ALOT of.
    Meg was right- if you believe in yourself and are confident in your abilities, then there is no reason to be nervous in the interview. Just take a deep breath, relax, and be yourself. If you are the right canidate for the job, then your interviewer will see that. However, if they are distracted by your nervous habits, then they may mss how great of a canidate you are!
    I also wanted to make one more suggestion- after the interview, send your interviewer a handwritten Thank You letter instead of a Thank You e-mail. A handwritten letter is so much more personal and memorable, which will you stick out in your interviewer’s mind.


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