Help!!! My Gecko’s Tail Broke Off!

17 Apr

The last thing that I had expected to do this morning was make a trip to the pet store.  I knew I needed to go later in the week for pet supplies, but the last thing I needed this weekend was a medical emergency.

Meet my White-Lined Gecko named Blake.  I bought him from PetSmart almost 2 years ago.  This morning an individual who will remain unnamed decided they wanted to hold my pet gecko.  Around a year ago the unnamed individual would have had an easier time handling Blake as Blake was still a bachelor back then.  But now Blake has a mate, Brianna, and he is extremely protective of her. 

Anyway, the unnamed individual grabbed Blake and in Blake’s squirming and biting to get away from what he thought was a ‘predator’ he dropped off nearly all of his tail.  I would say that he lost approximately four inches of his tail.  He kinda reminds me of a Boxer puppy after it has had its tail clipped.  His tail is that short!  I’ll try to post a picture of Blake without his tail in a few days when he is a little less traumatized.

I had an additional tank on hand that I use to hold the geckos when I clean their ‘home’ and I immediately moved Blake into the minimally decorated tank layered with paper towels on the bottom.  I added a log that he could climb on, a water dish, and a small container of meal worms.  The only thing I didn’t have for him was an extra heat lamp.  Knowing that Blake had loss almost all of his fat stores when he lost his tail as well as most of his water content, I hurriedly left the house headed for a small pet store in Garden City, Ga called 4-Paws & Claws.  I had been in the shop a few times in the past couple of months to buy meal worms and knew that they carried lizard habitats.  I really hoped they carried lighting equipment.

Entering the store I saw the familiar face of woman who runs the shop (I can’t remember her name I was terribly upset this last visit when I spoke with her).  I told her what happened with the lizard and she showed me the only heat lamp the store had left in stock.  I took the lamp out to the car to compare its size to my tank and luckily it fit on top perfectly.  I purchased the lamp along with a lower wattage red heat bulb she recommended for Blake.  Having to fork out more than $65 for more pet supplies really hurts the wallet, but I would hate to lose Blake.  The shop owner said to keep an anti-biotic on his tail to aid in healing and she said that within 3-5 days the tail would harden over and it would begin the process of re-growing.

If anyone in the area has a pet and needs supplies or information I would highly recommend 4-Paws & Claws.  There is nothing like the homey southern charm of a small ‘mom & pop store’ and the customer service is excellent!

4-Paws & Claws
5201 Augusta Road
Garden City GA 31408-1605 
(912) 965-9997

5 Responses to “Help!!! My Gecko’s Tail Broke Off!”

  1. mbutle April 19, 2010 at 8:39 pm #

    I never knew that a pet gecko required so much work. I would be more traumatized for the “unnamed individual” then I would for Blake. I can imaging the look on their face when they saw the gecko dropped and they were still holding its tail! Very good story, and good read. Very interesting and unique subject matter also. I was attracted to it after I saw the creature in the picture. lol.

    • Martine Howell April 21, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

      Yeah, she cried after the tail fell off and it was still moving. We can’t talk about it without her getting upset. Blake is doing better and I’m going to take another pic tomorrow for my blog post to show how short his tail is now. The lady at the pet store told me he is lucky that he did survive with so much of his tail missing. In the pasy I’ve also rescued and raised Mockingbirds that were displaced after a hurricane. Two of them still come to my front walkway every morning to eat mealworms and it’s been 5 years since I released them. While I’m out in the yard gardening they fly in the bushes and sing above my head. They even recognize my car. Both of the birds will fly to ‘their’ willow tree, fuss at each other over who is getting the first worm, they wait for me to get the worms from the house, and then the make a beeline to get the worms when I throw them. Even wild animals know when they are loved and cared for. I have always had a special connection with animals and I love helping them in any way I can. One of my dreams is to own a no kill shelter and also rehabilitate injured/misplaced wildlife.

  2. Kate Kavanagh April 22, 2010 at 2:03 am #

    Wow. I have always heard about the tail falling off but not with as much detailed information that was provided by your post. I hope that by now the tail is back and the gecko Blake is functioning normally. If it were not for your post I would have had no idea about all of the different things you have to do for the little animal. I thought that you just buy it, put it in a little container and feed it. You spent a lot of money to nurse it back to health so I hope that you do not have anymore incidents in the near future!


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