What is LCEC thinking???

24 Apr

 While searching on Yahoo news I came across the following clip highlighting problems that many Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC) customers are having with the electric co-op. 


Being a public relations major I was shocked and appalled at the way that LCEC’s public relations manager, Karen Ryan, has acted on camera.  I could not believe my ears after Ryan listened the customer’s complaints, smirked, and then proceeded to tell the journalist that FOX 4 was driving up the cost of power for LCEC’s customers.

KAREN RYAN: I have other things to do…and I need to ask other employees to stop what they’re doing and give me support information, and that drives up the costs.

TY / FOX 4: Which is driving up rates How?

FOX 4 now has a whole page devoted to keeping customers up-to-date with the happenings of LCEC.  There has even been a Facebook page dedicated to LCEC titled ‘LCEC SUCKS’ which has over 300 members.

What do you think of the way LCEC’s public relations manager, Karen Ryan, has acted as a public relations professional?  Professional or Not???

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