Hooray!! Hef saves “HOLLYWOOD”

26 Apr

Who would have thought the land which the landmark Hollywood sign sits upon was in danger of being demolished to make way for a housing development?  I certainly hadn’t heard…

Well-known entrepreneur and owner of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner, has donated that last $900,000 of $12.5 million dollars needed to save the equally as well-known Hollywood sign that sits upon Cahuenga Peak overlooking the city of Los Angeles.  Technically Hef didn’t save Hollywood all by himself, but his last-minute donation has saved the landmark yet again.

Yes…you read that correctly, again.  This is the second time Hef has donated money to “save” the world-famous sign.  In 1978 Hugh pioneered the last campaign to save and restore the sign which was near collapse and was joined by celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Gene Autry, and Andy Williams.

Now the 138 acres of land adjacent to the landmark will become part of Griffith Park.  The land was originally bought by industrialist Howard Hughes in 1940.  Hughes bought the land planning to build a home for actress Ginger Rogers, but their romance soon fizzled.

In 2002, Hughes’ estate sold the land to a group of Chicago investors who put the 138 acres behind the sign up for sale in 2008 asking for $22 million.  Now it seems that the sign is safe yet again thanks to the efforts of numerous celebrity donations and from the donations of several sponsors.

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