27 Apr

This morning on The Early Show I saw a segment about environmentally friendly speakers.  Needing portable speakers for my iPod I had to get these.

While I was at Wal-Mart this afternoon I decided to check the electronics department to see if they carried the speakers.  Going directly to the isle the iPod accessories are on I easily located the Eco-Speakers next to the ear-buds and the speakers only cost $9.99.

I know that I sound like a kid when I say only cost $9.99, but for the price and convenience I thought they would have been more expensive.  I brought the speakers home and began un-packing them.

The speakers were relatively small and very light weight.  The box says that the speakers are made from 85% of recycled materials.  I’m not sure exactly what the speakers are made of, but it is a type of flexible plastic.

Each speaker has tabs and slots that hook together to make the shell of the speakers.  Additionally, the speakers will detach and fold back to their compact size, locking with a tab, allowing for easy portability.

Once together the speakers are attractive looking with the black swirl pattern I chose.  The sound quality is not as good as the speakers that plug into the wall or that run on batteries, but for the price they are terrific. 

I also love that the speakers are environmentally friendly.  The only thing that really bothered me about the product was the fact that the packaging was plastic.  It’s not really easy to recycle plastic where I live and I think that the speakers should be packaged in a paper box which is biodegradable.

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