10 Blogging Tips For New Student Bloggers

12 Jul

For my final blog post in PRCA 4711, I decided that it would be even more interesting to give 10 Blogging Tips to new students which come from this semesters PRCA 3330, public relations writing, students.  Who better to give advice than those students who at one time or another were once new themselves?

  1. Explore the blog site before you begin. Get comfortable with your surroundings. You don’t make a speech without practicing and learning a little bit about your topic first. Play with the site and see what kind of “extras” are available to you. With WordPress you can insert links and photos; be aware of your surroundings before you jump in head first.–Rachel Alderman
  2. When blogging be careful with you grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. I know that blogging is a less formal style of writing but the basic rules of English still apply.– Alecia Norman
  3. I have a hard time with this one, but paragraphs should be kept short and to the point. It’s easier for people to read. —Ashley Quinn->
  4. Being truthful in your blogs is a key component to success. If you want readers to read and use your work you must maintain factual information. Opinions are one thing but for the most part no information, that is not otherwise said so, should be false or plagiarized.– Kevin Williams
  5. If you have a topic theme to your blog, be sure to stay on that focus. Someone searching for blogs about social media do not want to see posts about the latest model BMW that just came out.– Ashley Rich
  6. If you are a student blogger and are blogging for class, be professional and be consistent! For instance, don’t have a vulgar, man-bashing blog post after you and your boyfriend broke up and then the next day have a blog post about tips for PR internships… I’ve seen this and it was kind of disturbing, lol. Keep it clean.– Jasmine Stewart
  7. Update!!!!!!!!!!!! Updating your blog is like changing your underwear in blog world. You should do it every day when you can. It will help you keep in contact with people and will help you keep your own online journal of your own thoughts and ideas. It also can help relieve stress to write what you’re thinking online! Within reason of course!–Hillary Robinson
  8. Make sure to add appropriate links to your posts! This allows other people to look further in to the topics you blog about if they choose to. —Lauren O’Sullivan
  9. Comment on other people’s blogs. Don’t be harsh but give feedback or positive criticism that will help them. If you get feedback FOLLOW it! — Tabatha Amerson
  10. Write more than “Thank you” and “I love it.” It’s good positive reinforcement but it doesn’t add value. —Olivia Jordan

I have really enjoyed reading my students blogs throughout the semester and hopefully the tips they have shared will help you out on your journey into blogging Wonderland.  =)

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