GRAMMAR! GRAMMAR! Read All About It…

31 Aug

This week’s PRCA 3330 Topic of the Week (TOW) is grammar and seeing as how we can all improve our grammar skills, I’ve decided to include links to some really good websites to help you polish up your skills.

  • Grammar Girl:  This is the site that most of my PRCA 3330 students should be familiar with.  Mignion Fogarty is Grammar Girl and she provides visitors with the latest grammar news and information via blog posts and podcasts.  Subscribe to get weekly grammar tips you can listen to!   =D
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing:  Not only does this site teach you about sentence and paragraph structure, there is even a section on writing essay/research papers.  This site even provides users access to Power Point presentations on various grammar subjects.  The best part is users can then take quizzes over the subjects they have just studied.
  •  This site is all about grammar and even offers visitors videos on various english usage subjects.  Jane Straus, author of  The Blue Book of Grammar, has created 63 videos to help make grammar easier for us all!

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