What is Poynter News University?

14 Sep

Students in Barbara Nixon’s PRCA 3330 classes at Georgia Southern University as well as her students enrolled in classes at Southeastern University are integrating traditional online classes via Georgia View and Blackboard along with supplemental courses offered free by Poynter News University.  So, what is this Poynter News University?

Well according to the Poynter’s website, “Poynter’s News University is one of the world’s most innovative online journalism training programs ever created. From multimedia techniques to writing and reporting, we’ve got more than 150 free and low-cost courses. As the e-learning project of The Poynter Institute, NewsU extends Poynter’s mission as a school for journalists, future journalists and teachers of journalism.”  And while all that sounds great in print… just what does Poynter’s offer students and teachers?

Students can find an array of interactive modules which offer information about a specific area of journalism.  Students at GSU and SEU are taking such courses such as The Lead Lab and Writing For the EarThe Lead Lab is a course all about writing story leads and even teaches the student about the different types of leads employed by most journalists.  Furthermore, Writing For the Ear is a course which offers instruction on writing stories which are pleasing to the ear and hence readable.

If you are a writer and looking for ways to improve  then I would recommend taking a look at Poynter’s and trying a few of the free courses.  The most that you will have to spend is a few minutes of your time.  All you simply have to do is create an account and search for courses relevant to what you wish to improve.

One Response to “What is Poynter News University?”

  1. zena facha August 1, 2013 at 6:02 am #

    i wish to improve on journalism

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