Does Size Really Matter?

21 Sep

Many new bloggers often fret over the length of their posts.  Are they too long, too short or just right?  Luckily, I found a link to a blog post by Jonathan Morrow that addresses this dilemma and shed some light to the question: Does size really matter?

In his post, Do long Blog Posts Scare Away Readers?, Morrow examines whether a blogger should opt for a long post or should the blogger go the short route?

Well, that all depends on the story you are trying to tell.  If you can tell the story in 200 words or less great.  Still, don’t worry about scaring away readers with a long blog post.  According to Morrow, “Long blog posts don’t scare away readers; sloppy writing does.”

I agree with his statement completely.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been turned off by a blog post because of really bad writing and poor sentence structure.

His advice to alleviate this problem with your posts is to keep your writing tight and “write with a knife.”  There may be topics that you could ramble on about all day, but your post needs to be tailored to your audience.

The long and short of things: Keep what is interesting and cut the crap!

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