PR Open Mic

12 Oct

When I found out I was going to have to create an additional account on yet another social networking site…I just knew that I would hate the site.  Luckily, I can admit when I am wrong in my assumptions.

A few months ago for my PRCA 3030, Social Media, and PRCA 3330, PR Writing, classes I was asked by my professor to join yet another social networking site.  Having only three months experience with social networking sites I was not looking forward to going thru the new account setup process or looking forward to remembering yet another user name and password combination.

But…joining PR Open Mic was “easy-peasy” as my 5-year-old would say.  I was pleasantly surprised right off the bat when I set up an account in less than a minute!  After viewing the home page I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Not because the site is overwhelming, but because I really want to learn how to use PR Open Mic to my advantage.

PR Open Mic users can host a blog, post videos, and even search for jobs and internships on the site.  PR Open Mic is like Facebook meets MySpace on steroids for PR practitioners, teachers, and students.  Each user gets his or her own page that they can decorate and layout as they wish.

I love that as a user I have the option to write and post blog entries on a site designed for individuals interested in the PR field.  I also like that PR Open Mic has created a ‘blog’ button linking to the latest blog entries.  Users can easily search through tags to find the type of post they are looking to read.

The second thing I really liked about PR Open Mic is they fact that users can post their own videos to the site.  It seems like the odds of individuals in the PR field seeing your video are really good.  You can also link or embed YouTube videos on your page!

One of the most useful resources on the PR Open Mic site is the Job Search/Intern Search.  I love that the people behind PR Open Mic have used a Twitter application to display jobs and internships being marketed on Twitter!!! and are two additional internship source apps that PR Open Mic hosts for internship searches.  Who could ask for more?

Students currently enrolled in PRCA 3330 have been assigned the same task as topic of the week for their blogs and I’m eager to read about their experiences with the site.  =D

One Response to “PR Open Mic”

  1. mbutle April 19, 2010 at 8:44 pm #

    I really like the layout and captions under your titles, they really tell al ot about what is to come. I agree, if I did not have a PROpen mic account before having to do this assignment I would be equally as upset. I am happy to see that you like and use the site. I am not a fan of the site, maybe I have not had a chance to really get into it the way others have. But as you said over the summer I might dive into it more, since I will be seriously looking for a job in the field of PR.

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