26 Oct

What is an infographic?  How are they useful?  And how do you create one?

First of all, an infographic is a pictorial or graphical representation of information.  Examples of infographics include: charts, maps, and diagrams.  Infographics are used to aid the comprehension of facts and figures that readers would other wise confuse or be unable to comprehend.

Infographics are very useful because infographics can be used to explain large facts and figures to readers in a way that the reader can visualize thus un-complicating the information being presented.

There are several programs that users can download and use to make their own infographic.  Many people prefer to use Adobe Photoshop or even a free program called Inkscape.

I downloaded both programs and attempted to create my own infographic representing some statistics I found regarding social media usage.  Let’s just say the keyword is attempted.  I found the programs to be very confusing for someone with little editing experience.  I even looked for a tutorial, but the most I found while searching was posts which told me to use the programs without offering the slightest bit of instructions on how to do so.

I was however, able to find this really good infographic called My Digital Life.  Maybe in time I’ll learn how to create my own.

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