Did you Know??? Photoshop Offers FREE Online Photo Editing Tools

3 Nov

I finished sorting most of my photos over the last week and I’ve been itching to share a few of my favorites, but I still needed to “fix” a few by cropping them.  I was using Paint to crop my pictures because my Photoshop trial expired…that was until I visited Adobe’s site and found out they offer a few photo editing tools FREE online!

I haven’t done much photo editing since my Photoshop trial expired a few months ago and being a college student I didn’t really want to fork over the couple of hundred dollars it would cost me for the Adobe package I really want.

So while looking for alternatives I decided to check and see if a new Adobe trial was available.  While looking on the Photoshop  home page I noticed a section on the site that offers “online tools”.

After clicking “Online Tools” I set up a free Adobe account in under a minute.  (Note:You don’t have to set up an account unless you want to store and organize your photos on the site.)  Seconds later I was busy uploading and cropping images using  Photoshop Express Editor.  Within this online tool users can perform the most basic photo editing actions such as:

  • Crop & Rotate
  • Resize
  • Auto Correct
  • Exposure
  • Red-eye
  • Touch up
  • Saturation

Using the advanced “Sketch” option users can turn their photo into one that looks kinda like a hand drawn picture.  Like my butterfly pic above.  =D

Another advanced option, “Pop Color”, allows users to pic one color out of their pic and make it “pop.”  You can choose to pop the selected color as a similar hue or you can choose another color and change the popped color to something completely different.


I’ve done that above with my picture of my Easter Lillies.  I chose to pop the yellow in the pic and changed the yellow instead to blue.

After fiddling with a few photos with in the Photoshop Express Editor, I decided to try the other online tool that Adobe offers: Photoshop Express Style Match. This was a really neat tool!

There are only 3 styles of photos available online that allow users to apply the effects in each photo to a photo that the user took.  More options are available in the full version of the software.  I uploaded a flower picture and chose the first available style and applied it to my picture and this is how the pic turned out:






If you have a few photos that you have been wanting to edit I would highly recommend trying out the free Photoshop tools!  I’m wanting even more to have the full versions…*sigh* maybe in a few months I can afford it.  =D

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