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Featured Student Post: R.I.P. The Newspaper: 2017

22 Nov

So many us now rely on the internet and social media networks for the latest, greatest breaking news and information.  Just what impact is this having on newspapers?  This weeks student featured post highlights the problem that many newspapers are facing with the onset of electronic media.

R.I.P. The Newspaper: 2017 ~ Alicia Decoste


Featured Student Post: GSU Botanical Gardens Rhythm & Brews

8 Nov

This week’s featured student post highlights an event taking place this Friday, November 12, 2010, at Georgia Southern University’s Botanical Gardens.  If you are over 21 and enjoy good food, good wine, good music, and good company then this is a must attend event!

Featured Student Post-Facebook’s Privacy Scandals

27 Oct

This week’s featured student post deals with Facebook and the sites recent issues regarding user privacy settings.  Most college students have a Facebook account so this post is another must read!

Student Featured Post – Three Things Every Blog Needs

20 Oct

Another short, sweet, and to the point post by another student blogger offering advice to all bloggers regarding 3 things their blog needs to be a successful endeavor.  I think the tips apply to all bloggers universally.  Great find!

Student Featured Post – Bullying

10 Oct

In light of the tragic death of a student at Rutgers, in addition to several other student deaths that made national news, two additional student posts that I would like to share with readers this week deal with bullying.  Please read both articles and think twice before calling someone names and humiliating them because they are different!

Featured Student Posts – Public Relation Careers

10 Oct

Great article by Lo with an embedded video discussing Public Relation Career choices.  This is a must read/watch for any soon to be graduating PR senior!

Student Featured Post – Week of the Tweets

7 Oct

This weeks student featured post is all about Twitter.  Students in PRCA 3330 are assigned to participate in activity going on in Twitterville for one week.  I love the insight and forethought that this student puts into the assignment.