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29 Apr

Well I learned something new yet again.  While creating my Social Media Resume I made this cool Wordle of key words that describe me:


Make one for yourself at


12 More of the All-Time Best Test Answers

28 Apr

Yes! You read that right…12 More of the All-Time Best Test Answers

I told you that you could spend hours clicking on links aimlessly until you happen upon something truly wonderful and that is just what I did.  So without further adieu here they are:


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Hooray!! Hef saves “HOLLYWOOD”

26 Apr

Who would have thought the land which the landmark Hollywood sign sits upon was in danger of being demolished to make way for a housing development?  I certainly hadn’t heard…

Well-known entrepreneur and owner of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner, has donated that last $900,000 of $12.5 million dollars needed to save the equally as well-known Hollywood sign that sits upon Cahuenga Peak overlooking the city of Los Angeles.  Technically Hef didn’t save Hollywood all by himself, but his last-minute donation has saved the landmark yet again.

Yes…you read that correctly, again.  This is the second time Hef has donated money to “save” the world-famous sign.  In 1978 Hugh pioneered the last campaign to save and restore the sign which was near collapse and was joined by celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Gene Autry, and Andy Williams.

Now the 138 acres of land adjacent to the landmark will become part of Griffith Park.  The land was originally bought by industrialist Howard Hughes in 1940.  Hughes bought the land planning to build a home for actress Ginger Rogers, but their romance soon fizzled.

In 2002, Hughes’ estate sold the land to a group of Chicago investors who put the 138 acres behind the sign up for sale in 2008 asking for $22 million.  Now it seems that the sign is safe yet again thanks to the efforts of numerous celebrity donations and from the donations of several sponsors.

Thank U 4 Smoking :)

23 Apr

A few semesters ago in my Introduction to Public Relations class my instructor showed us the movie ‘Thank You For Smoking’ and I immediately fell in love with this comedic master piece.  Who knew it was a story about public relations?

I have been told by many people which I know that I could “argue with a brick wall” and most likely win.  While that maybe true after seeing this movie I realized that I still had a lot to learn.

The story revolves around Nick Naylor who is the spokesman, public relations man, of this tobacco company.  Nick is an interesting character who lobbies for ‘Big Tobacco’ making quite convincing arguments that could even dumbfound doctors.

Any public relations student that has not seen this movie should do so.  You can pretty much find the entire movie on YouTube or if you like it as much as I do, you can buy it on Amazon Unbox.  I guarantee that you will be laughing almost the entire movie, plus you will learn a lot about public relations.

Ke$ha the Next Gaga?

18 Apr

Last night pop-rap singer Ke$ha perormed ‘Tik Tok’ and ‘Your Love Is My Drug’ on Saturday Night Live. Then, I happened upon a story this morning that questioned whether or not pop-rap singer Ke$ha is the Lady Gaga of 2010.  Puh-leeeeze!!!!!

During the performance I found myself wondering why Ke$ha’s sound was so familiar.  I can’t stand the slurry-snobish way Ke$ha sings which makes the catchy song ‘Tik Tok’ sound as bad as nails on a chalk board to me, but I knew I had heard a sound like her’s in the early 90’s.  Her singing almost reminded me of the intro to ‘Baby Got Back’ by Sir Mix-A-Lot.  Come on you know it: “OMG Becky.  Look at her butt. It’s just so BIG.” 

I knew my brother would know the song I was thinking of as he is a musical know-it-all.  As soon as I spoke with him and uttered the words Ke$ha…heard the sound before, he began singing:

It was me and the posse with Bunny (D)
We were cruising in the Jags and the Lamborghini,
When lo and behold there appeared a mirage,
He was hooking up a car in his daddy’s garage.

I instantly recognized the song as being ‘Cars With the Boom’ and my brother and I sang along together:

For comparison here is a video of Ke$ha singing ‘Tik Tok’ on SNL:

Even better I think is iJu$tine’s spoof.  I think she sings better than Ke$ha personally and I can relate to the song being an Apple junkie:

Up next one word…GAGA!!!

When Ke$ha can pull off an acoustic vocal performance as Gaga does then Ke$ha might stand a chance at staying on the charts, but she will never put on a show like Gaga.  Gaga’s performance at the Brit Awards shows how her stage presence transcends her voice and that is not something that is learned.  You either have the “larger than life” presence or you don’t.

 Additionally, Ke$ha is trying with the hair, make-up, and outfits to make some sort of statement, but right now her statement screams ‘I need a stylist!’  Although often tacky and eccentric, Gaga’s outfits are I like a Picasso painting…Strange at first glance transforming into a definite statement whether it be a political, social, or personal statement.  I like many other people expect Ke$ha’s light will soon fade if she doesn’t step it up a notch with her next cd release.

(Side Note: I think Ke$ha’s outfit from SNL looks like a rip from Gaga’s ‘Superwoman-Telephone’ outfit.)

Help!!! My Gecko’s Tail Broke Off!

17 Apr

The last thing that I had expected to do this morning was make a trip to the pet store.  I knew I needed to go later in the week for pet supplies, but the last thing I needed this weekend was a medical emergency.

Meet my White-Lined Gecko named Blake.  I bought him from PetSmart almost 2 years ago.  This morning an individual who will remain unnamed decided they wanted to hold my pet gecko.  Around a year ago the unnamed individual would have had an easier time handling Blake as Blake was still a bachelor back then.  But now Blake has a mate, Brianna, and he is extremely protective of her. 

Anyway, the unnamed individual grabbed Blake and in Blake’s squirming and biting to get away from what he thought was a ‘predator’ he dropped off nearly all of his tail.  I would say that he lost approximately four inches of his tail.  He kinda reminds me of a Boxer puppy after it has had its tail clipped.  His tail is that short!  I’ll try to post a picture of Blake without his tail in a few days when he is a little less traumatized.

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Let’s Play: What’s Wrong With This picture?

2 Mar

It all began with this familiar phrase, “Can’t we all just get along?”  Upon on hearing that I knew this commercial had to be a joke:

Boy was I wrong.  You can visit and buy a T-shirt for $13.00 plus shipping!

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