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29 Apr

Well I learned something new yet again.  While creating my Social Media Resume I made this cool Wordle of key words that describe me:


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12 More of the All-Time Best Test Answers

28 Apr

Yes! You read that right…12 More of the All-Time Best Test Answers

I told you that you could spend hours clicking on links aimlessly until you happen upon something truly wonderful and that is just what I did.  So without further adieu here they are:


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27 Apr

This morning on The Early Show I saw a segment about environmentally friendly speakers.  Needing portable speakers for my iPod I had to get these.

While I was at Wal-Mart this afternoon I decided to check the electronics department to see if they carried the speakers.  Going directly to the isle the iPod accessories are on I easily located the Eco-Speakers next to the ear-buds and the speakers only cost $9.99.

I know that I sound like a kid when I say only cost $9.99, but for the price and convenience I thought they would have been more expensive.  I brought the speakers home and began un-packing them.

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12 Best Test Answers of All-Time

27 Apr

It’s getting really close to time for finals and with the tests rapidly approaching many of us college students are up late studying and writing final papers.

  I have read many times on the internet that most students will not retain over half of the information they just read.  While most students would leave the answers blank there are a select few students who belong to a group of elite test takers that no matter how hard they try they can’t just leave the answer slot blank.

I found this list while randomly clicking on links this morning.  It’s amazing how much time you can waste doing this. 🙂




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Hooray!! Hef saves “HOLLYWOOD”

26 Apr

Who would have thought the land which the landmark Hollywood sign sits upon was in danger of being demolished to make way for a housing development?  I certainly hadn’t heard…

Well-known entrepreneur and owner of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner, has donated that last $900,000 of $12.5 million dollars needed to save the equally as well-known Hollywood sign that sits upon Cahuenga Peak overlooking the city of Los Angeles.  Technically Hef didn’t save Hollywood all by himself, but his last-minute donation has saved the landmark yet again.

Yes…you read that correctly, again.  This is the second time Hef has donated money to “save” the world-famous sign.  In 1978 Hugh pioneered the last campaign to save and restore the sign which was near collapse and was joined by celebrities such as Alice Cooper, Gene Autry, and Andy Williams.

Now the 138 acres of land adjacent to the landmark will become part of Griffith Park.  The land was originally bought by industrialist Howard Hughes in 1940.  Hughes bought the land planning to build a home for actress Ginger Rogers, but their romance soon fizzled.

In 2002, Hughes’ estate sold the land to a group of Chicago investors who put the 138 acres behind the sign up for sale in 2008 asking for $22 million.  Now it seems that the sign is safe yet again thanks to the efforts of numerous celebrity donations and from the donations of several sponsors.

What is LCEC thinking???

24 Apr

 While searching on Yahoo news I came across the following clip highlighting problems that many Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC) customers are having with the electric co-op.

Being a public relations major I was shocked and appalled at the way that LCEC’s public relations manager, Karen Ryan, has acted on camera.  I could not believe my ears after Ryan listened the customer’s complaints, smirked, and then proceeded to tell the journalist that FOX 4 was driving up the cost of power for LCEC’s customers.

KAREN RYAN: I have other things to do…and I need to ask other employees to stop what they’re doing and give me support information, and that drives up the costs.

TY / FOX 4: Which is driving up rates How?

FOX 4 now has a whole page devoted to keeping customers up-to-date with the happenings of LCEC.  There has even been a Facebook page dedicated to LCEC titled ‘LCEC SUCKS’ which has over 300 members.

What do you think of the way LCEC’s public relations manager, Karen Ryan, has acted as a public relations professional?  Professional or Not???

Thank U 4 Smoking :)

23 Apr

A few semesters ago in my Introduction to Public Relations class my instructor showed us the movie ‘Thank You For Smoking’ and I immediately fell in love with this comedic master piece.  Who knew it was a story about public relations?

I have been told by many people which I know that I could “argue with a brick wall” and most likely win.  While that maybe true after seeing this movie I realized that I still had a lot to learn.

The story revolves around Nick Naylor who is the spokesman, public relations man, of this tobacco company.  Nick is an interesting character who lobbies for ‘Big Tobacco’ making quite convincing arguments that could even dumbfound doctors.

Any public relations student that has not seen this movie should do so.  You can pretty much find the entire movie on YouTube or if you like it as much as I do, you can buy it on Amazon Unbox.  I guarantee that you will be laughing almost the entire movie, plus you will learn a lot about public relations.