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Student Featured Post – Three Things Every Blog Needs

20 Oct

Another short, sweet, and to the point post by another student blogger offering advice to all bloggers regarding 3 things their blog needs to be a successful endeavor.  I think the tips apply to all bloggers universally.  Great find!

PR Open Mic

12 Oct

When I found out I was going to have to create an additional account on yet another social networking site…I just knew that I would hate the site.  Luckily, I can admit when I am wrong in my assumptions.

A few months ago for my PRCA 3030, Social Media, and PRCA 3330, PR Writing, classes I was asked by my professor to join yet another social networking site.  Having only three months experience with social networking sites I was not looking forward to going thru the new account setup process or looking forward to remembering yet another user name and password combination.

But…joining PR Open Mic was “easy-peasy” as my 5-year-old would say.  I was pleasantly surprised right off the bat when I set up an account in less than a minute!  After viewing the home page I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Not because the site is overwhelming, but because I really want to learn how to use PR Open Mic to my advantage.

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Featured Student Posts

24 Sep

This week I am featuring two student posts.  The first post offers new bloggers some great advice on how to constructively comment on blogs.  The second post highlights Skippy peanut butter and the controversy surrounding how the company obtained its name.  Great job you guys (girls ;p)!

Does Size Really Matter?

21 Sep

Many new bloggers often fret over the length of their posts.  Are they too long, too short or just right?  Luckily, I found a link to a blog post by Jonathan Morrow that addresses this dilemma and shed some light to the question: Does size really matter?

In his post, Do long Blog Posts Scare Away Readers?, Morrow examines whether a blogger should opt for a long post or should the blogger go the short route?

Well, that all depends on the story you are trying to tell.  If you can tell the story in 200 words or less great.  Still, don’t worry about scaring away readers with a long blog post.  According to Morrow, “Long blog posts don’t scare away readers; sloppy writing does.”

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10 Blogging Tips For New Student Bloggers

12 Jul

For my final blog post in PRCA 4711, I decided that it would be even more interesting to give 10 Blogging Tips to new students which come from this semesters PRCA 3330, public relations writing, students.  Who better to give advice than those students who at one time or another were once new themselves?

  1. Explore the blog site before you begin. Get comfortable with your surroundings. You don’t make a speech without practicing and learning a little bit about your topic first. Play with the site and see what kind of “extras” are available to you. With WordPress you can insert links and photos; be aware of your surroundings before you jump in head first.–Rachel Alderman
  2. When blogging be careful with you grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. I know that blogging is a less formal style of writing but the basic rules of English still apply.– Alecia Norman
  3. I have a hard time with this one, but paragraphs should be kept short and to the point. It’s easier for people to read. —Ashley Quinn->
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Student Blog Posts: Best of PRCA 3330

21 Jun

This semester I have assisted with reading and critiquing student blogs for PRCA 3330 PR Writing.  I have read some really thought-provoking posts from students and I am very impressed with their logic on certain PR situation.  Reading their posts made me step back and think about certain situations in a different perspective. 

Beginning this week, I will start highlighting the best of the best PRCA 3330 student blog posts and I will share them with you.  I have created a special section of my blog which is strictly dedicated to student posts that can be found in the top right header of my home page.  I hope you enjoy their posts as much as I have.  🙂

Be My Guest (2)

19 Apr

This weeks post comes from friend and fellow classmate Lo Woodward.  Lo is an avid vegetarian and I love the storytelling abilities she has as a writer.  Enjoy!

When the Apple Crumbles… by Lo Woodward

Last Night, approximately 10pm- Midnight (hey, I said approximately!) ….

Late in the evening, I got into a discussion with a buddy of mine, while cooking up a storm in his bright red kitchen. Since I am a vegetarian, I commented, as he was offering me some spices for cheesy tortillas we made, that I may not want spices on mine and to let me check the ingredient list for animal products. Sure enough there was none, as he had strongly suggested to me, but I had figured it was worth the look. Eager to prove my point, I went rumbling through the cabinets, finding a gravy packet that had “beef fat solids” in it.

“HA! Look! See…sometimes spices and baking stuff has animal in it!” I said, waving the packet in his face.

“Yea, but that’s Au Jus! It’s beef broth based gravy– Duh!”

So the point of this story? To show you the simple ironies in life….let me explain. Lets go back in time to:

This Morning, approximately 12:08 pm

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