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Featured Student Post: GSU Botanical Gardens Rhythm & Brews

8 Nov

This week’s featured student post highlights an event taking place this Friday, November 12, 2010, at Georgia Southern University’s Botanical Gardens.  If you are over 21 and enjoy good food, good wine, good music, and good company then this is a must attend event!


BP in HOT Oil

22 Jun

The featured PRCA 3330 blog post for this week, BP in HOT Oil, comes from Ashley Quinn’s blog and she covers the BP Oil spill which continues to pour gallons upon gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  Barbara Nixon and I were just tweeting about how tired we are of  listening to the plentiful and “seemingly fake” apologies which happen to be flying around in the media within the last few months from BP’s Tony Hayward to General McChrystal.  I agree with Ashley’s conclusion that most companies and individuals experiencing a PR “SNAFU” should work with their PR firm to write a “heartfelt” or at the least a believable apology. 

Preach on Ashley!! 🙂

Student Blog Posts: Best of PRCA 3330

21 Jun

This semester I have assisted with reading and critiquing student blogs for PRCA 3330 PR Writing.  I have read some really thought-provoking posts from students and I am very impressed with their logic on certain PR situation.  Reading their posts made me step back and think about certain situations in a different perspective. 

Beginning this week, I will start highlighting the best of the best PRCA 3330 student blog posts and I will share them with you.  I have created a special section of my blog which is strictly dedicated to student posts that can be found in the top right header of my home page.  I hope you enjoy their posts as much as I have.  🙂