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Did you Know??? Photoshop Offers FREE Online Photo Editing Tools

3 Nov

I finished sorting most of my photos over the last week and I’ve been itching to share a few of my favorites, but I still needed to “fix” a few by cropping them.  I was using Paint to crop my pictures because my Photoshop trial expired…that was until I visited Adobe’s site and found out they offer a few photo editing tools FREE online!

I haven’t done much photo editing since my Photoshop trial expired a few months ago and being a college student I didn’t really want to fork over the couple of hundred dollars it would cost me for the Adobe package I really want.

So while looking for alternatives I decided to check and see if a new Adobe trial was available.  While looking on the Photoshop  home page I noticed a section on the site that offers “online tools”.

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Happy Birthday Adobe Photoshop!

15 Feb

Saw on Twitter that it is Adobe Photoshop’s 20 year anniversary:  dbreakenridge – Happy Birthday Photoshop! Turns 20 today…just heard that on Fox News. 8:36 AM Feb 14th from TweetDeck

I was shocked!  I had never used Photoshop® for any of my photo editing needs.  I decided to download the free trial of the program and see what the program could do for me.

I downloaded Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 8 on Sunday and began to practice on a few stock images that I was planning to use in my blog posts.  I really like the program; so much that I am planning on purchasing it to use for all my photo editing projects.  When users open the trial version of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 8 they are greeted with a screen that provides two options:

  1. I’m new to Photoshop Elements: Show me what I need to know.
  2. I have an earlier version of Photoshop Elements: Show me what’s new and cool.

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