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10 Ways PR Professionals Drive Journalists Crazy

16 Nov

Luckily, while working with GSU’s George-Anne I gained some experience about what it is like to work in a newsroom.  Minoring in journalism, I can empathize with most of the items on this list:

  1. Not knowing who to contact and where to send the information to. Many journalists have a specific way that they like to be contacted.  It is important for a public relations professional to keep a media contact list detailing who to contact, how to contact them , and even when they are available for contact.  Failing to contact the right person will almost certainly guarantee that your news release will be trashed.
  2. Not meeting deadlines. If you promise a journalist a story by a certain time and date make sure you are able to uphold your end of the deal.  Newspapers and magazines layout pages based on story length, number of stories ready for publication, and advertising space purchased.  Don’t make promises that you can’t keep and if you foresee a problem then you should contact the journalist immediately.
  3. Providing unsolicited attachments along with your news release. If the journalist does not ask an attachment with your news release then it is a good idea to leave the attachment out of your email.  Many viruses are sent via email attachments and most journalists delete emails with unsolicited attachments without opening them. -> Continue reading

Featured Student Post-Facebook’s Privacy Scandals

27 Oct

This week’s featured student post deals with Facebook and the sites recent issues regarding user privacy settings.  Most college students have a Facebook account so this post is another must read!

Featured Student Posts – Public Relation Careers

10 Oct

Great article by Lo with an embedded video discussing Public Relation Career choices.  This is a must read/watch for any soon to be graduating PR senior!

Twitter for Public Relations Students

28 Sep

This week in the public relations writing class that I am assisting with the assignment calls for students to spend one week tweeting on twitter.

I decided to update an old post from my PRCA3030, Social Media, class and re-post it with some tips for students in my class.

Listen to this episode

Twitter For Public Relations Students: Episode 1
1. Introduction

2.What is Twitter?

3. Why public relations students should use Twitter

4. A few people I follow and why

5. How to begin using Twitter for Public Relations

  • Listen
  • Think
  • Personal Branding
  • Contribute
  • Be courteous


28 Sep

Students in my PRCA 3330, PR writing, class have been assigned to spend one week tweeting on Twitter.  Here is a slide show of  a trade book which that I highly recommend for students to read:

View my notes for each slide here on Slide Share’s site.

10 Cool Facts about Social Media

7 Jul

This weeks featured PRCA 3330 student blog post, 10 Cool Facts about Social Media, comes from Ansley Woodard’s blog.  I found this post to be very interesting and I even learned a few facts about social media that I didn’t know.

My Guide For Event-Planning

5 Jul

This weeks featured PRCA 3330 student blog post, My Guide For Event-Planning, comes from Jasmine Stewart’s blog.  As a public relations practitioner it is important to remember that there may be times when we will have to plan some sort of event.  Jasmine gives us some great tips in her slide share presentation to follow when planning an event.

Love it Jasmine!